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aethelwulf: Yea, its really cutting up the woman, and I'm leaving emotion out of it until the jobs done. I'll be glad when its a memory. Oct 5, 2015 14:11:47 GMT
Raven: Sorry too hear about that, that's awful :( Oct 5, 2015 20:19:54 GMT
aethelwulf: Went out for a pint with a mate for his birthday. Although really didn't feel like it COs of some horrible virus I've picked up. I feel weak as water, and I'm blowing bubbles out my arse. Any way a bunch of tossers decided to try it with us... Oct 6, 2015 18:55:45 GMT
aethelwulf: I grabbed three of them and ran them into the fire place, i pushed that hard i nearly shit my pants (rofl) Oct 6, 2015 18:58:13 GMT
aethelwulf: I was clenching for dear life (rofl) Oct 6, 2015 18:59:22 GMT
Admin: I'm sorry to have been away from the forum for a while, totally hectic here in our bunker. Anyhow, back now and making a new board for us to contribute and comment on. What preps have you done this week is a common and popular thread on most forums. Oct 12, 2015 14:13:13 GMT
Admin: aethelwulf, adrenaline don't help with keeping things where they should be either. That combined with a bug and you will quite definitely feel the 'rush' lol. Hope you're felling better now. Frith to the clan Oct 12, 2015 14:47:34 GMT *
aethelwulf: Yea the ailments have abated - the shit luck hasn’t though. Got word Monday evening that the band I work in is coming off the rd with immediate effect. Last weekend was our last. So with birthdays and Yule looming, I’m lookinf for work. I think Bricklaying Oct 14, 2015 12:46:19 GMT
aethelwulf: is off the cards though, main reason being my back, which the latest car crash hasn’t helped, and the money round here is crap, thats if there is any work... So I’m looking for van driving work. Oct 14, 2015 12:47:21 GMT
Admin: I'm really pissed to hear that aethelwulf. I know we talked about the pros & cons of being where you are but would being on the mainland offer more choice of work for driving jobs ? Oct 14, 2015 13:12:29 GMT
Admin: I won another UV-5R hand held amateur radio in our radio club's raffle last night, quite a happy bunny really. Oct 16, 2015 11:46:22 GMT
Admin: Been rather busy over the week but I'll get busy on here later today. Oct 26, 2015 14:51:12 GMT
Admin: Hi reb, would you like to post an intro for us please. Oct 30, 2015 14:22:54 GMT
Admin: Northmanscote, welcome to the new forum, there's a few on here that you know from other on-line meeting places. Nice new name buddy ! frith to you Nov 6, 2015 23:13:22 GMT
Admin: Welcme also to the new forum Wulfsige, nice to have you back again. Nov 6, 2015 23:17:23 GMT
northmanscote: May the gods that you align with go with you all on your journey. Nov 20, 2015 17:39:03 GMT
Admin: I hope they do Northmanscote, the sane to you Nov 20, 2015 19:03:08 GMT
Admin: By the way Northmanscote, I replied to your email this afternoon. Nov 20, 2015 19:06:01 GMT
mercian: hi guys,nice to be here Dec 9, 2015 19:42:23 GMT
Raven: Welcome to the forum Mercian! Dec 9, 2015 19:42:46 GMT